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20% OFF - White Sage Smokeless Incense Gift Set
20% OFF - White Sage Smokeless Incense Gift Set

7th - Crown Chakra Incense Bricks Refill Pack (Single Tray)

Smokeless Sahasrara (Crown Chakra) Incense Bricks | Citrusy, Fruity & Woody scent to induce bliss, joy & peace | Blend ofPeach, Mandarin, Neroli, & more

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Product Contents:

  • 1 trays x 9 bricks
  • 1 complimentary trial brick sachets

Burn to induce: Bliss, Joy, Gratitude, and Deep Peace

Smells Like: Fruity, Floral, Citrusy & Woody

Scent profile: Peach, Mandarin, Neroli, and Jasmine

Key Benefits:

  • Pure & Natural ingredients & free from harmful synthetics.
  • Powerful therapeutic benefits & delightful natural fragrance.
  • 100% Vegan & cruelty free
  • Infuse your space with positivity, without any smoke or residue ash.
  • Blend crafted to align your Crown Chakra & help you connect with your spiritual self.

The Sahasrara (Crown Chakra) Incense Bricks, skillfully crafted by a Chakra Alignment Herb Master, offer a finely balanced fragrance from pure aromatic extracts. Aligned with the crown, the Sahasrara Chakra is associated with spirituality. Inhaling the fragrance can help dispel lack of inspiration, apathy, self-destructive tendencies, and exhaustion, allowing for the experience of serenity, joy, gratitude, and deep peace. It supports a profound sense of inner peace and spiritual well-being.

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Sustainably Made
Pure & Natural
Vegan & Cruelty Free

Awaken your spiritual self with Sahasrara blends  

With carefully selected sacred & ethereal ingredients such as Neroli, Jasmine, Clarysage & Sandal - build a sense of divinity & connect with your higher consciousness by aligning your crown chakrav


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